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    Speaker positioning

    Project Name: Speaker Locating Machine Vision Solution
    Project requirements: The speaker has the positional deviation and incorrectness of the pad. The soldering head cannot correctly position the pad. In the past, the fixture was manually fabricated so that the speaker pad was aligned correctly, but it consumes a lot of manpower and affects the welding speed. A contactless image is required. Analysis and measurement methods give accurate positioning.
    Solution idea: The speaker is transmitted to the camera to shoot the field of view, and the camera outputs the camera to trigger the trigger signal; the camera captures the image and sends it to the machine vision server MVS-1000. The server calculates the center coordinates of the speaker according to the TEO coordinate vector operator (x, y And the speaker pad rotation angle (α), transmitted to the PLC controller of the device via the RS485 interface in ModBus RTU protocol, and performs the rotation and center positioning of the speaker.

    The maximum allowable error is MPE: 土0.1mm

    Work rhythm: 0.3s

    System diagram:


    Effect chart:



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