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  • 迪奧科技標語

    About TEO

      TEO TECH (Shenzhen) is a manufacturing base of TEO International Group in Far-east. TEO Systems Inc USA., headquarters of TEO Group, is a leader of technologies researching and solution developing in the fields of medical imaging, photo-dynamics, medical laser. All line products of TEO TECH cover industrial/medical machine vision systems and devices, including industrial cameras, special image-measuring cameras, special laser-cutting cross-line cameras, microscope image capturer, Ultra HD pathology imaging seminar system, pathology microscope image analysis& teleconsultation system, used widely in institutes, universities, hospitals, factories, judicial unit, criminal detection and traffic management.

      TEO TECH collects senior experts of audio & video technologies, team-managing and marketing, owns IEC/TC79 technology expert, SAC/TC100 standardization expert, and is one of directors ofChina's and Shenzhen security product industry association, a member of Shenzhen robot industrial alliance. Focusing in academic exchange and draft IEC62676-3 Transfer equipment of alarm picture signal through cable and GB12647-1990. For researching, manufacturing, engineering and inspecting, provides authoritative technologies standards. TEO TECH has been investing over10% income into new products development, and focus on high quality and high cost performance.

      Holding on “More clear, More vivid, More crisp ”, Through a decade struggling and accumulating TEO brand has enjoyed the fame based on fine craftwork, excellent quality and perfect functions, even in image-measuring industry TEO has became the first choice brand of industry camera.

      TEO TECH has passed the certification of ISO9001:2000, UKAS, UC, CSA, CE, 3C etc. In accordance with “Provide hi-quality products, provide surprised service “ and relying on “ Perfect life in team, display value in profit “.TEO TECH will be serving society and customers. Welcome to inquire for more information.


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