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    What are the differences between industrial cameras and ordinary cameras
    Author:Administrator   Published in:2020-01-09 17:22

      In today's Chinese market,machine vision is developing more and more rapidly,and industrial camera has been widely used as the core component of machine vision.But many people who do not understand will have a question,now in the high-end mobile phones,there are a lot of phones with the main camera,so what is the difference between the industrial camera and the mobile phone we usually use to shoot?Below and dior technology small make up to explore it.


      The difference between industrial camera and ordinary camera

      1,the performance of the industrial camera is stable,reliable and easy to install,the camera structure is compact,strong and not easy to damage,continuous working time is long,can be used in a poor environment,the general digital camera is not able to do these.If let civilian digital camera work 24 hours a day or work continuously for several days certainly can not bear.

      2.Industrial cameras have a very short shutter time,allowing them to capture objects moving at high speed.

      For example,by sticking a business card to a fan blade,rotating it at maximum speed,setting the appropriate shutter time,and capturing an image with an industrial camera,you can still clearly distinguish the font on the card.You can't do the same with a normal camera.

      3.The image sensor of industrial cameras is scanned line by line,while the image sensor of ordinary cameras is scanned in alternate lines.The production process of the image sensor of line by line scanning is relatively complicated,with low yield and small shipments.

      4.The frame rate of industrial cameras is much higher than that of ordinary cameras.Industrial cameras can take anywhere from ten to several hundred pictures per second,compared with just two or three for conventional cameras.

      5.The output of industrial cameras is rawdata,and the spectral range is also relatively wide,which is more suitable for high-quality image processing algorithms,such as MachineVision.However,the spectral range of images taken by ordinary cameras is only suitable for human vision,and after mjpeg compression,the image quality is poor,which is not conducive to analysis and processing.

      IndustrialCamera is more expensive than ordinary camera(DSC).

      Above is about"industrial camera and ordinary camera have what distinction"introduction.Dior's science and technology product covers industrial,medical machine vision systems and products,mainly include:full range of industrial camera,image measurement special camera,laser cutting is special reticle camera,image acquisition unit for microscopic imaging,a high-definition pathological microscopic imaging conference system,pathological microscopic image analysis and remote consultation system.Products are widely used in scientific research institutes,hospitals and schools,factories and mining enterprises,cultural relics appraisal units,criminal investigation and justice,intelligent transportation and other industries.

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