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    Analysis of the application of machine vision in laser marking
    Author:Administrator   Published in:2020-01-07 09:39

    Machine vision usually refers to the process where the machine automatically acquires the image of interest, and then processes the image. After obtaining the abstract information, it takes a further "action" process. In layman's terms, machine vision is to let the machine have the ability to "see", so that the machine can recognize and understand what it wants to see, and can determine the location of the target it sees. With cameras and computers, it can release the human eye and allow The machine has functions such as automatic measurement, recognition and so on of targets, and judges them. This TEO editor mainly introduces the application of machine vision in laser marking system.

    With the development of production technology, laser marking machines are facing new requirements and challenges. The area of devices that need to be marked is getting smaller and smaller, and the accuracy requirements are getting higher and higher. The representative is the IC in microelectronics. (Integrated Circuit) technology, its integration is getting higher and higher, the speed is getting faster, the volume is getting smaller and smaller, the chip device has gradually developed into a mainstream IC product, and its appearance is characterized by miniaturization. The application of laser marking machine in the semiconductor industry is mainly marking the surface of IC chips, marking the information of manufacturers, models, production batches, etc. on the surface of IC chips.

    The marking machines on the market are usually fixed area marking. The equipment is basically not equipped with a visual observation system, let alone the fine-tuning function during the marking process. After the computer sets the marking content, the device needs to be placed within the marking area, and sometimes it needs to be adjusted manually. This method has very low accuracy and is only suitable for applications that are not sensitive to deviations in the marking position, such as beverages. The production number of the bottle, the number of the light rail ticket, the personality mark on the back cover of the mobile phone, etc.


    After adopting machine vision, not only can the information be clearly marked on the chip surface, but also it has dynamic adaptability, which can automatically correct the chip orientation error to ensure the marking accuracy. In addition, the application of machine vision in laser marking equipment can not only improve the grade of the equipment, but also increase the marking speed, and meet the needs of the rapid development of modern semiconductor industry.

    The application of machine vision to production equipment is one of the key technologies of automated production, which can improve production efficiency, improve product quality, and reduce production costs. At present, it is a period of rapid development of machine vision. With the progress of society, machine vision will gradually develop and improve and be applied to more fields.

    The above is the introduction of the application of machine vision in laser marking. Do you have a new understanding of machine vision? If you want to learn more about machine vision, welcome to follow TEO technology, and you have this When you need it, you can call us at any time to get in touch. We will provide you with good quality products and sincere service. We look forward to cooperating with you!

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