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    Six technical parameters of industrial camera
    Author:Administrator   Published in:2020-01-09 16:55

      Industrial camera refers to the camera equipment which can be stably and efficiently used in the industrial scene,and it can meet the requirements of complex industrial environment and work stably for a long time.And it is also a kind of video image acquisition equipment applied in the industrial scene,which can directly store the image on the hard disk.Compared with the ordinary camera,the industrial camera has comparability in resolution,frame rate,requirements for light,exposure mode,etc.,and the main component is CCD sensitive chip.Let's take a look at six technical parameters of industrial cameras:

      Industrial camera


      The pixels of each image collected by the camera are generally directly corresponding to the pixel number of the photoelectric sensor for the digital industrial camera,and depends on the video system for the analog camera,PAL system is 768*576,NTSC system is 640*480.

      2.Pixel depth:

      That is to say,the number of bits per pixel data is generally 8 bit,and for digital industrial cameras,there are usually 10 bit,12 bit,etc.

      3.Maximum frame rate/line rate:

      The rate at which the camera collects and transmits images is generally the frames/sec.Per second for the area array camera and the rows per second(Hz)for the line array camera.

      4.Pixel size:

      Pixel size and pixel number(resolution)together determine the size of the camera target.At present,the pixel size of digital industrial camera is generally 3μM-10μM.the smaller the pixel size is,the more difficult it is to manufacture,and the less easy it is to improve the image quality.

      5.Exposure mode and shutter speed:

      For linear array cameras,line by line exposure mode is adopted.The acquisition mode of fixed line frequency and external trigger synchronization can be selected.The exposure time can be the same as the line period,or a fixed time can be set.There are several common modes of frame exposure,field exposure and rolling line exposure in area array industrial cameras.Generally,digital industrial cameras provide the function of external trigger acquisition.Generally,the shutter speed can reach 10 microseconds,and the high-speed industrial camera can be faster.

      6.Spectral range:

      It refers to the sensitivity of the pixel sensor to different light waves.The general response range is 350nm-1000nm.Some cameras add a filter in front of the target to filter out infrared light.If the system needs to be sensitive to infrared light,the filter can be removed.

      The above is about"analysis,six technical parameters of industrial camera".Dior's products cover industrial and medical machine vision systems and products,mainly including:a full range of industrial cameras,special cameras for industrial image measurement,special crosshair cameras for laser cutting,special image collectors for micro imaging,ultra-high definition pathological micro imaging conference system,pathological micro image analysis and remote consultation system.Products are widely used in scientific research institutes,hospitals and schools,factories and mining enterprises,cultural relics appraisal units,criminal investigation and judicial,intelligent transportation and other industries.

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